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Price list

Manual therapies and techniques

Contact us to book consulting meeting, on which we can recommend proper therapy or procedure. The very first meeting usually lasts for about 30 minutes, it contains consultation,recommendation, and an effective therapy.

Rolfing – Structual Integration – 1.800,- Kč

Gift vouchers and coupons

For your loved onces and for those who you wish to treat with a pleasant relaxation therapy or for back relief procedures and the kinetic movement we have prepeared gift certificates (vouchers, coupons) in the value of:

8.000,- (10 sessions - 60 minutes each, valid if selected from variety of offered massages)
18.000,- (10 Rolfing therapies)

Gift vouchers can be purchased over the phone or by email directly at our AiThér reception. All important informations are indicated on the gift coupon. All, that the coupon holder has to do, is to call and choose the procedure (massage or therapy) that suits his needs or was recommended by one of the professionals of our AiThér Studio.

Fee cancelations or change of date appointment for the massage or therapy

(Call or text Us!)

In case of cancelation or if you need to reschedule to a different day, it is your obligation to let as know three working days in advance. If not done so, we will charge you a fee amount of the massage or therapy chosen by you. Thank you for your understanding. Studio Aithér.

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