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Our team, massages and Rolfing in Prague

Ing. Václav Křemen, Ph.D

Therapist and lecturer of studio Aithér. Offers you a secure and helping hand in solving your health problems, back pain or masculoskeletal pain, as well as other health problems and ailments.(read more). He offers Rolfing to our clients.

Petra Kukačková

Masseur and manager of studio Aithér. Furthermore, she performs beneficial, pleasant and relaxing massages for the body and much more. She is responsible for operating and maintaining and takes care of clients in our studio Aithér. She has been studying Structural integration and myofascial therapy in Czech republic. Petra also offers therapies against pain, for improvement of mobility and breathing, releases of body tensions, blocations etc. (read more). She offers all massages, Structural integration and Myofascial therapy to our clients.

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