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Mrs.Kamila 62 years

Due to pain, discomfort,tightness and uncomfortable pressure in my chest I decided to visit Studio AitHér in Prague 10. I also experienced neck and back pain. At first, I was very skeptical, whether I should discuss my health problems at all and if they can be treated.I had visited many doctors, rehabilitation centres in past without any noticeable differences of long-term pain relief. After the first therapy in studio AitHér in Prague 10, to my suprise, I felt no pain. Unfortunately, in a few days my health condition was the same as before. However, big changes of tremendous pain relief occurred somewhere in between the third and fifth therapy. I noticed, that the chest pressure and the neck and back pain comletely disappeared. Suddenly, I felt that I could breathe with ease, had more energy. I no longer have to pay attention to unpleseant feelings of my previous health condition. Finally, I can enjoy my life and do my work and daily responsibilities without problems. On the top of all, gradually I get better and better. It´s a great sort of feeling or to be precise ´no feeling beeing limited´ which I hadn´t certainly felt for more than ten or fifteen years.

Mr. Jarda 40 years

I visited studio Aithér in Prague 10 unexpectedly, when all of a sudden I experienced tremendous shoulder pain. I bent over for a box of my favorite vine, when the pain striked. Doctors weren´t very helpful. So, I thought of another alternative, and it paid back. To be honest, I have know idea what has Vaclav done to me. He performed special kind of pressure on my legs and buttocks. What surprised me was that he almost didn´t pay attention to my back. Than he told me to stand up and asked how I felt. In my mind I was wondering about what could have changed when he left my back untouched, but .. when I stood up the pain was gone, completely gone! I came twice more, just because I felt like there was still a slight tension in my back. After those two sessions it went away. Amazing! If someone had told me before that this is possible, I would have not believed it, but I experienced it firsthand. I can gladly recommend Studio Aithér. N

Mrs.Míla 34 years

Before visiting Studio Aithér in Prague 10, I hadn´t experienced nothing as enjoyble and relaxing as hot lava stones massage. Pleasant atmosphere, stuff and the sensitive touch of hot lava stones recharged me with new energy and inner comfort. I look forward to another massage in Studio Aithér.

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