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Rolfing - Structual Integration

New web page just about Rolfing

First Czech who studied Rolfing Structural Integration in European Rolfing Association offers Rolfing in our studio. You can find new web pages and exhausting information about Rolfing here: Rolfing Structual Integration – balance your body.

On Rolfing

Rolfing or Structual Integration is a technique which enables manipulating with the connective tissue. The whole purpose, is to relax the structure of the physical body, so that the tissue could revert to its original position "considering the gravity" and ideally re-join the system. The main idea behind Rolfing is that the position of the skeletal system is given by the length and the tension of the muscles and the fibrous tissue which are attached to it.

Try to emagine that on the structure of a camping tent( the old type). In fact, the tent does not hold its pole rods. What holds it together is the strain between the tent lines. It is the same as with our physical body. The shape of the arch of the foot, leg position, the position of the pelvis, spine curvature, the position of the head .... it is all due to muscle and ligament tension system which is fastened to the bones. Therapists – Rolfers – are trained to see and solve these relations. By slow, deep pressure and gentle movements they influence the ligamentous system. These therapeutic grips help to reduce adherence (stickiness) of the neighbouring muscle parts and to change compensatory movements patterns. The therapy leads to the release and subsequently re-arrages the patient´s overall physical form. The rusult of the therapy isn´t just comlete cure of the physical symptoms, but overall improvement of the physical structure and breathing.

The structure of the body is influenced by many factors during our life. Genetic inheritance, acquired body posture, movement patterns, as well as traumatic experiences (injuries, physical and emotional stress).
Rolfing will bring positive changes into your life that will last a lifetime.

The results of Rolfing and what can be achieved by Rolfing method ?

With the Rolfing method we can accomplish complete cure of painful physical symptoms, but not just that. Most importantly, the structual lay-out and support of the body will improve, which will result in minimal effort when standing, sitting and exercising. Also, your breathing habbits will get better. See examle photos of „before“ and „after 10 sessions“ Rolfing method in the picture.

  1. Back pain
  2. Neck pain and isthmus pain
  3. Musculskeletal pain
  4. Poor mobility ( such as frozen shoulder, pain when moving the knee, traumatized ankle pain and others),
  5. local soft tissue pain (eg. tennis elbow)


  1. Helps in postoperative states, where there is a need for rehabilitation and reintegration of the operated body part back to its normal mode,
  2. is suitable for athletes – increasing flexibility, coordination and efficiency of movement and thus in certain aspects increases performance,
  3. improves posture and position during standing, walking and sitting,
  4. relieves spasms in the organism,
  5. improves the experience and the quality of life, also removes emotional blocks,
  6. reduces pain caused by defective fuctioning of connective tissue when moving,
  7. enhances physical and mental development of a human being.

Rolfing origin

Rolfing founder was Dr. PhDr. Ida Paula Rolf (1896 - 1979). She studied biochemistry at Columbia and worked as a researcher in New York. The object of her studies was the protein flexibility in the connective tissue. Her discovery was not reached just by her scientific study. Ironically, she uncovered this method, when her son got ill and doctors were hopeless. Ida noticed, that the excessive pressure,to which his internal organs were exposed to was caused by poor posture. She followed her intuition – began to massage and manipulate with his body in the way, until the pressure on the inner organs was released and the problems went away.

Rolfing Institut and its teaching was founded in 1971 by Ida Paula Rolf. The headquarters is located in Boulder, Colorado in USA. In addition, there are schools in Europe, Australia and South America. Exclusively, only these are authorized to teach Rolfing.

Due to recent introduction of this therapy in Czech Republic you can avail from an affordable price in comparison to any other country in the EU.

More informations on Rolfing, see Rolfing Structual Integration 1 – balance your body..

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